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12/14/2010: Noel's special Christmas postmark makes Yahoo! News... 
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Noel Christmas Postmarks

In the 1930's, Noel's postmaster proposed the idea of sending cards and letters through Noel for the "Christmas City" postmark. The practice caught on, and widened in international proportions by the late 1940's. Kate Smith, a popular radio and television singer, learned of Noel through correspondence with members of local civic groups, and began telling the "Noel Story" each year at Christmas time on her broadcast. As a result, during the 40's and 50's, during the pre-Christmas days more than a half million pieces of mail arrived in bundles at the local post office from all fifty states, Canada and Mexico.
Red postmark Green postmark
Each year, the Noel post office still receives tens of thousands of Christmas cards preceding the Yuletide season. From Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve, volunteers work in the post office lobby to affix a special stamp as an added attraction to the growing number who receive their Christmas mail from "The Christmas City."
There is no charge for this service, but we do request that you use this only for your personal Christmas cards, and not for packages, extremely large quantities of cards or letters, or for business use. As it is, our volunteers are kept busy during the entire season keeping up with volumes of mail sent in from all across the country.
To receive the Noel postmarks, package up your Christmas cards, and address them to:

Noel, MO 64854
Remember to affix the proper first class postage to all of your cards before sending the package to us. Thanks!
If you have any other questions about the Noel postmarks, please call the Noel Post Office: 417-475-3810