Noel Betterment Association
non-profit organization
composed entirely of volunteers from the Noel area,
with fresh new ideas and an exciting new attitude!

We Need YOU!

Our goal is simply this: To make Noel a better place to live, work & play...

The ways we can help make these positive changes in our pretty little Ozark town are as limitless as the imaginations of our volunteers.

We need some more strong leaders in the community who are willing and able to take on projects and see them through to completion...
So we'd like to invite YOU to join with us to MAKE IT HAPPEN!


We've decided to keep the cost of membership very low, to encourage more participation.
For only $10 a year, you and/or your business can have a direct voice (and vote!) on the future of Noel.
(Everyone is welcome to attend meetings and help with projects and committees, but only members may vote.)

Download a membership form

We are an independent, local organization.
We don't waste your money or efforts on national dues or projects outside the area, that have little or nothing to do with Noel.

We are hardy, Ozark folk... We are Missourians! We say: "SHOW ME!"

Man or woman, teen or senior citizen or anywhere in between, strong or frail of body, lifelong Noel resident or a relative newcomer... If you can help, we'd like to know!

Contact us through our Facebook page - or email - or just show up at a meeting...
We'd love to see you there!