Make Noel Better!”

2012 Community Brainstorming Survey

The Noel Betterment Association needs you to submit your best suggestion on how to “Make Noel Better!”

Everyone has an idea... What is yours? This may be the best opportunity you'll ever have to contribute your suggestion!

Results of the survey will be presented to the entire membership of the Noel Betterment Association at a special meeting in early 2012.
The best ideas will be debated among the members, and the winning idea (or ideas) will be chosen by a vote of the full membership at the following regular Third Thursday monthly meeting.

The person (or persons) who submitted the winning idea will receive a special gift basket of fun & useful goodies, assembled from donations by our Association's members.
But the greatest prize of all is the bragging rights that it was
YOUR IDEA that will Make Noel Better!”

The best ideas and suggestions we are looking for will have widespread benefit to everyone that lives, works, and plays in Noel. It is even more likely that your idea will win if you also offer a proposed method of funding your suggestion. It is easy to suggest something like: “Build a huge amusement theme park such as a smaller version of “Silver Dollar City” right outside Noel... And then there will be plenty of jobs, and then real estate prices will go up, and then kids will have something to keep them off the streets, etc...” BUT unfortunately, unless you also know of a way to fund such a multi-million-dollar idea, it isn't likely to go anywhere.

All that aside, don't let your imagination get too bogged down in the details either. It is good to exercise your imagination and think of creative ideas, even if you don't have all the “bugs” worked out of it yet!

Please keep all suggestions positive.
Noel is blessed with a wide assortment of “lemons” - some are sweet and some sour - so let's make lemonade!
Think of ways we can turn hurdles & challenges into advantages & benefits – that's the kind of creative thinking we're looking for.

We are asking for your name and contact information in case we like your idea enough to expand upon it and have further questions, and also to give you the award for best idea!

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. Working together we can Make Noel Better!

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