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Winter 2012 Newsletter ~~~~~~~~~~~ Working together to make Noel better!

Everyone has an idea, what is yours? This may be the best opportunity you'll ever have to contribute your suggestion. 

Do you have an idea to "make Noel better? If your answer is yes then its now easier then ever to express your idea. Head over to where you are clicks away from telling us your ideas! So please make sure you participate in "2012 Noel Brainstorming Survey". 

Results of the survey will be presented to the entire membership of the Noel Betterment Association at a special meeting in early 2012.
The best ideas will be debated among the members, and the winning idea (or ideas) will be chosen by a vote of the full membership at the following regular Third Thursday monthly meeting.

The person (or persons) who submitted the winning idea will receive a special gift basket of fun & useful goodies, assembled from donations by our Association's members.
But the greatest prize of all is the bragging rights that it was
YOUR IDEA that will Make Noel Better!”

The best ideas and suggestions we are looking for will have widespread benefit to everyone that lives, works, and plays in Noel. It is even more likely that your idea will win if you also offer a proposed method of funding your suggestion. It is easy to suggest something like: Build a huge amusement theme park such as a smaller version of “Silver Dollar Cityright outside Noel... And then there will be plenty of jobs, and then real estate prices will go up, and then kids will have something to keep them off the streets, etc...” BUT unfortunately, unless you also know of a way to fund such a multi-million-dollar idea, it isn't likely to go anywhere.

All that aside, don't let your imagination get too bogged down in the details either. It is good to exercise your imagination and think of creative ideas, even if you don't have all the “bugs” worked out of it yet!

It only takes a minute or two to share you idea, so why not do it now?


Volunteers come together to help beautify Noel. 

One of our most active committees is the cleanup committee. I recently spoke with cleanup committee chairperson Nancy Zeorlin about what the committee has been up to. The last cleanup was held in early October. Helping with the cleanup were the Methodist Church youth group, the Episcopal church, volunteers from the Somalian community, as well as members from the Noel Betterment Association. All these volunteers helped in picking up trash on the streets and alleys of Sulpher, Harmony and South Kings. Zeorlin also noted the consequential help of Shannon Gravette of Southwest Sanitation, and her generosity of having a trash truck on hand to accommodate all the waste. A cleanup similar to the one in October is being planned. The exact date has not been determined, but it will be after the first of the year. For anyone interested in joining the cleanup committee contact Nancy Zeorlin, or come to any of the regular Noel Betterment Association's meetings.


I hope you enjoy this newsletter, and find it informative and useful. As I've admitted on many occasions, I have a bad habit of remaining silent a bit more than I probably should. The old saying resonates in my head all too often: “A closed mouth gathers no foot."
However, one of the things I'm personally working to improve myself as chairman or our Association is increasing communication within our group, and I'm confident these occasional newsletters will help.
2011 has come to an end, and our fledgling organization is off to a great start. Before we look ahead to a very exciting new year - I'd like to briefly look back at what we've accomplished, and especially those dedicated individuals that came together to make it happen.
To begin, I'd like to thank my fellow board members, who have devoted countless hours to getting the Noel Betterment Association started off on the right foot: Mayor James Carroll, our Vice-Chairman & Secretary, deserves extra-special thanks for his tireless efforts on so many of our projects. We wouldn't be as far along as we are without all the quiet (and too often thankless) work he accomplished. And our Treasurer Marie Campbell, for all her devoted efforts, but most especially for her outstanding work as Chair of our Christmas Decoration Committee. And I don't believe it would be right to omit Dirk Deaton from these thanks, although he is not technically on the Board of Directors (due to a - perhaps misguided - state statute prohibiting those under the age of 18 from serving on corporate boards). Among other good works he's accomplished - including writing most of this newsletter - Dirk has served as Deputy Secretary: Essentially doing all the tedious (and again, too often thankless) work taking and transcribing meeting minutes, among other duties; relieving James of those time-consuming tasks so that he can concentrate on his other important efforts. So here's a huge THANK YOU to James, Marie and Dirk... What a great team to work with!
To continue, and in no particular order...
Thank you to Alderman Nancy Zeorlin, who was a significant and driving force in the formation and kick-starting of our Association. Most folks will probably never know just how much she contributes to our group, not only with her outstanding Clean-Up and Fundraising Committee efforts, but also with all facets of our organization.
And speaking of getting us started, Gary and his son John Poyner, Josh Hemmingway, and all the other fine folks at River Ranch Resort deserve special thanks for their help and providing wonderful meeting facilities at no cost to us, which was an essential help during the formation of the Association.
Missouri State Representative Bill Lant and his wife Jane also deserve our thanks and gratitude. They have both joined our Association and shown sincere and considerable interest in, and support of, our efforts.
I'd also like to give special mention and thanks to Kathy Hood from Tysons, who is working with us in forming a more cooperative working relationship with our area's biggest employer. Through Kathy's generous assistance, Tyson agreed to purchase our beautiful new event banners, and has also promised to do much, much more in the coming year to help “Make Noel Better.” But more about that later...
Special thanks also to Rick Craig and Arvest Bank, who have helped our organization in many diverse and important ways. There's a lot of things I'd like to go into detail about but that too must wait until later...
Drew Holt and the Elk River Watershed Improvement Association have helped us with our efforts to improve the Elk River in Noel and advance the Riverwalk project, and deserve thanks from all of us.
Thanks to Eric Crosswhite from KODE-TV 12, and to Gerald Elkins and Rick Peck from the McDonald County Press, for the very positive and helpful media coverage. Thanks to everyone who donated for the Fall Fundraiser Dinner, and thanks especially to the Noel Women's Club for all those amazing desserts they made for it!
My personal thanks go out to all of you who have offered valuable input and assistance this past year, including - but certainly not limited to: Alderman Jim Boston, Carrie Edens, Jean Hook, Denae Murphy, Harvey Atkins, Shannon Gravette, Tilly VanHouden, Ray Kirk, Michelle Anderson, Billy Fine (both Junior and Senior!), Nate Miller, Elaine Houpe, Roger & Pam Konsmo, Rick & Diana Stockett, Virgil & Sue Humbyrd, Debbie & Mike Strickland, Bill & Darlene Mitchell, and of course... Mike & Wendy Deaton! (Mike was just elected to Vice-Chairman of our Board of Directors for 2012, and I hope you all will join me in welcoming him.)
Last, but certainly not least, I want to sincerely thank each and every member of our Association. Your support shows that great things can happen when a community of diverse individuals work together for the common good. I wish I could thank each and every one of you for your contributions individually and in person. But since I can't do that at this time...
To paraphrase Tolkin's Bilbo Baggins: “I don't know half of you as well as I'd like, and I don't thank you half as well as I should.” But I hope you know you are appreciated nonetheless.
Bruce Arnold
Noel Betterment Association

Don't forget these dates, mark your calendar...

Regular "Third Thursday" Monthly Meetings:

Disc Golf Tournament 
  • May 19th, 9 AM "Tee Time" on the Elk River in Noel. More details coming soon. 
Craft Fair & Farmer's Market
  • May 19th, Dawn to Dusk.. Downtown Noel. More details coming soon. 
*As the days get longer and the nights less colder, we'll be moving our meetings back to the evening to allow for more particiaption from our members who are busy working during the days. Keep checking our website ( ) for the latest changes, or contact Mayor James Carroll at City Hall for the latest information.


Decorating for Christmas in a town which has the namesake of “Noel” could indeed be a very tall order. Not to be outdone, Decorating Committee Chairperson Marie Campbell, was up to the challenge. Campbell, along with others on the committee, and the Noel Street Department, helped make this year's decorations truly special! It started by having the first meeting. The agenda? To take inventory of all decorations. Then it was time for a “Christmas cleaning”. The decorations were power washed, and “spruced up” with new bows and ribbons! You should have also noticed some new decorations this year. There were a number of hanging pole decorations, acquired by Danae Murphy, donated from the city of Grove, OK. Also new are some very appealing standing decorations donated by Linda Glendenning. These were placed at the corner of Main and Gratz, as well as the lot next to Main Sweets. You can't help but be impressed with the decorations, although Campbell said for next year we're “going bigger and better”! That's certainly a tall order considering the accomplishments of this year. Finally, we cannot go without sincerely thanking Mike Strickland for all that he does in volunteering his time each year to hang the decorations. Thanks to everyone who made 2011 a decorative year for Noel!

Creative Commons  (CC BY-ND 3.0) 2011 (Reprint permission granted.)
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