Noel Betterment Association
a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
composed entirely of volunteers from the Noel area,
with fresh new ideas and an exciting new attitude!

Our Purpose:

Our goal is simply this: To make Noel a better place to live, work & play...

The ways we can help make these positive changes in our pretty little Ozark town are as limitless as the imaginations of our volunteers.

So we'd like to invite YOU to join with us to MAKE IT HAPPEN!


We've decided to keep the cost of membership very low, to encourage more participation.
For only $10 a year, you and/or your business can have a direct voice (and vote!) on the future of Noel.
(Everyone is welcome to attend meetings and help with projects and committees, but only members may vote.)

Download a membership form

Our Members:


Barbara Miller
Betty Gordon
Bill Lant
Bruce Arnold
Dan Frye
Denae Murphy
Dirk Deaton
Doris Fields
Elaine Houpe
Gary Poynor
George Bunch
Helen Johnston
James Carroll
Jan Heath
Jane Lant
Jean Hook
Jen O'Brien-Frye
Kathy Hood

Jim Anderson
Lauren Anderson
Marie Campbell
Michael Deaton
Michelle Anderson
Nancy Zeorlin
Nathan Miller
Patti Carroll
Rick Craig
Robin Fine
Roger Zeorlin
Sheila Owens
Sherry Shurback
Stan Fine
Vernon Hook
William Johnston

A mere $10 per year gets YOUR name HERE!
Download your membership form

Angeles Auto Service
Annie's Pizza
Arthur Murray's Motel
Bluff Dweller's Cavern
Cedar Crest Cafe
JHE Granite
Lonnie's Muffler
Landon's Feed
Murphy Electric
Noel Pharmacy
Riverside Inn Resort
Snack Wagon
Southwest Sanitation
Wendy Deaton Photography

A mere $10 per year gets YOUR business HERE!
Download your membership form

Find Out More:

Contact us through our Facebook page - or email - or just show up at a meeting...
We'd love to see you there!