Welcome to Noel, Missouri The Christmas City and Canoe Capital of the Ozarks
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1987 Chamber of Commerce Brochure Photographs:
(13kb) The overhanging bluffs
(13kb) Paddle boats
(8kb) A low-water crossing
(12kb) Icicles on the bluffs
(16kb) Overlooking the Elk River
(46kb) Dam on Little Sugar Creek
(16kb) A common campground scene
(35kb) Shadow Lake canoe race
(6kb) Floaters on the Elk River
(8kb) Bluff along the Elk River
(13kb) Good times on the river
(13kb) A late season golf game
(12kb) Autumn in Noel
(16kb) One of Noel's river-front homes
(7kb) A festival in Noel
(7kb) A raft race on Shadow Lake
(13kb) The beach at Shadow Lake
(22kb) Noel -- The Christmas City
(11kb) The Noel Christmas tree

Noel Photo Gallery

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Excerpts from the Noel Chamber of Commerce Brochure © 1987, Noel Chamber of Commerce. Used with permission